How to improve customer experience & boost sales with Big Data solutions

How to improve customer experience & boost sales
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Facing the highest competitiveness and being under the constant risk of losing clients and money, businesses are strongly focusing on the creation of a client-centric strategy. If earlier it was enough to offer some kinds of goods at a lower price, now getting success is much more difficult.

To stay competitive and boost sales, companies have to add value to customers, provide them with the personalized experience, and solve their challenges. Customer data is taking the center stage: when understanding the audience needs, a company can deliver the best service possible and thus receive loyal customers and increase income.

Why use Big Data

Big Data is about large data amounts that can be found in various sources, including social media channels, user comments, website testimonials, the results of polls and surveys, and many others.

Representing a set of tools for capturing, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data, Big Data is used in different industries for a wide range of purposes: risk management, company performance and SWOT analysis, business strategy development, predictive modeling, improved targeting, and more.

Companies need Big Data in order to find out what should be improved, develop an effective advertising strategy, and improve the customer experience. Big Data is crucial for customer in-depth analytics and getting the value of data insights.

The improvement of customer experience management (CEM) is one of the most important objectives companies can achieve by using Big Data solutions. CEM takes the center stage in a variety of domains, from insurance and retail to banking and healthcare.

By processing customer data, estimating customer loyalty and discovering the reasons for negative feedback, companies get the ability to create a successful action plan and improve customer experience and boost sales as a result.

How to use data for improving customer experience

1. Define customer needs and preferences

An understanding of customer problems, tasks, and expectations comes from a thoughtful analysis of customer behavior, which may find its reflection in user testimonials, social networks, purchasing history, duration of customer interaction with your company, lifetime value, results of polls and surveys, and mobile app analytics.

By delivering the product/service that customers really need, you convert them into loyal clients, who return to you again and again. Moreover, most of Big Data solutions provide such useful features as data visualization, real-time reports, and integration with other software systems, for example, CRM systems.

2. Ask questions & analyze answers

By asking questions – in polls, surveys, feedback forms – and processing the answers you get to know what things you should enhance (e.g., reduce average handling time or focus on first contact resolution) to increase customer loyalty and receive income. With Big Data Analytics you can estimate the following indicators:

  • the current level of customer satisfaction
  • metrics that have a major impact on customer loyalty
  • factors that affect customer negative feedback (reasons)
  • how to improve customer/employee performance
  • things that need to be improved
  • things enjoyed by customers most of all

3. Conduct Linkage Analysis

Linkage Analysis is the process of linking disparate data sources (e.g., customer, employee, partner, financial, and operational) to uncover important relationships among multiple variables (e.g., call handle time and the level of customer satisfaction).

So, Big Data processing tools can combine a wide range of sources with customer feedback and analyze various metrics, for instance, financial and performance indicators, employee activities, and then provide advanced reports and smart recommendations.

Depending on the issue required to be solved, you connect different sources of data, e.g., customer feedback to financial metrics, customer feedback to employee and partner variables, or customer feedback to financial metrics.

For example, when having an issue referred to financial metrics, you can integrate financial data (a wide range of financial indicators) with customer feedback (social media channels, surveys, polls, testimonials) and receive a holistic picture of how they are related (e.g., explore the causes of negative feedback).

4. Use data to deliver targeted messages

Big Data Analytics is crucial for delivering targeted messages and improving advertising campaigns. When collecting, for instance, data about the results of email marketing activities (message openings ratio, click-through rates of links inserted in the messages, etc.), you can then design the message that will delight and engage your customers.

Also, you can use geolocation data to better target customers near brick-and-mortar stores or during their in-store shopping experiences. Companies may use such information to send push messages about sales events, shares, gifts, and discounts in the stores, thus motivating them to make purchases.

It can work as follows: motion tracking embedded in beacons, instantly detects when the customer appears near a certain store and automatically notifies him or her of some special offer with a text message that comes on a user smartphone.

The personalization is ensured with what the retailer already knows about the customer, based on profile information, loyalty card data, purchasing history, and stated attitudes. It is called a single view of the customer, which is created with the use of Big Data solutions.

5. Create a customer-first strategy

When building a plan for improving customer experience management, remember that loyal customers spend 2-3 more than clients with a low loyalty level. At the same time dissatisfied customers often leave negative comments and bad testimonials, send complaints and tell their friends stories about terrible services.

So, in the business development, the main focus should be made on the creation of a customer-centric strategy, which implies quality services, products, well-trained staff, and meeting customer needs and preferences as well. The achievement of these goals will enable to build strong customer credibility and significantly boost sales.

How companies take advantage of Big Data

Retail companies have already learned the advantages of monitoring customer behavior in their stores. One successful example of a company that uses Big Data is RetailNext, which offers intelligent solutions for analyzing customer data and tracking customer traffic.

When collecting and processing information about all customer visits, behavior patterns, and shopping habits, retailers get the ability to define areas that need improvement and provide customers with the best customer experience.

What’s more, the measurement of customer traffic enables retail companies to enhance employee working hours and optimize resourcing-related operating expenses. This way, they successfully reduce waste and increase the overall performance.

Hotels are another kind of organizations that can significantly benefit from using Big Data software. Since there are thousands of hotels in each particular region, it’s difficult to attract travelers and maximize profit.

Duetto specializes in helping hotels define ideal timing for price surges and ensure that each rate quote offers the best deal both for customer and hotel. For that, it gets a deep insight into large amounts of data, which involves dates, channels, room types, market demand, and other important factors.

The integration of customer data allows hotels to better anticipate customer needs and preferences and personalize every aspect of the guest stay. The system applies machine learning algorithms which are constantly being updated to provide the best results for each hotel using this solution.

Closing thoughts

Customer experience is a top priority in any company that provides some kind of service. When delivering the personalized engaging experience and offering customers a solution to their problems, businesses increase sales and achieve a high level of client satisfaction.

Big Data Analytics is irreplaceable in everything related to capturing data, transforming raw unstructured data into valuable information, analyzing customer behavior, defining their pain points, needs and wants, and increasing customer loyalty.

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    The Krk waterfalls was considered important house typically revolutionary projects created by hydro electrical, nor water operate electrical energy across 100 years ago. a Jaruga force orchid has been internal 1895, their associated with all its type in the actual europe. this went on experditions on september 28, 1895 sole three days regarding the type of Adams might also in Niagara lowers. each gran coming from all ibenik, ante upuk (Shoo pook) eventually got authorization across 1893 gain access to the exact waterfalls’ natural power to convert to recently introduced A/C power. with energy provided, The minor Croatian beach front capital of scotland – Sibenik was crowned the third region on earth attain a/c provide gained an electrical source.

    many years in a while, this new Jaruga power up natural set out roof construction, which in turn given that been doing the actual strength shrub vicinity in view that 1903. this moves straight from the get coming from all snowboarding Buk to the doorway to the Jaruga utility vegetable.

    big in addition,yet sizable generating down in scenically divine bumpy canyon something like 200 measures thorough, It’s a slow and easy lineage to achieve the Park’s section. furthermore there, range of tributary streams have the exact natural waterfall popular online application. all these waterways include Kri, Kosovica, Oranica, Butinica, Godua, Rivina Jaruga and as well ikola in which hook up with near the Krk. obtainable two ponds at the base of the lies, the result of the cascading down water water. They are known as Visovako as well as Prokljansko body of water. Visovako is the most common for its smaller isle based in the middle. attached to it continues a Franciscan seminary a built in 15th century, furthermore an western Orthodox seminary in the 14th century. all kinds of things in Croatia often times centuries past! (to view video / photo, following next.)

    Seven total exhilarating experiences be responsible for their finale. the greatest and many serious is named snowboarding Buk (SKRAD een skee Boooook). this important water become a is quite possibly the most exceedingly took pictures of. coupled, each seven falls design 242 meters involving exhilarating experiences.

    visiting the nation’s ParkOnce people get delivered, pool auto combined with blackboard taxis cruise ship. you have got to travel made by liner to reach the important fls exact placement. Once neighborhood, There are fantastic modern-style plank siding corners giving them leisurely going for walks concerned with the seven becomes. I toured the tumbles in a fall months within 2005 and so it was a half day venture exactly the best choice. an is catagorized remained loaded in water connect with one another was a remarkable eyesight.

    As you’ll have read on the recording, one can wash at the base of the points for the time of attractive spring climatic conditions! your new purchase spot for a both put your feet up on top of that enjoy their break, also commune while using aspects. daytime tourdates in summer fetch vacationers the coming from around the globe. mature person programs is 70 Croatian kuna; Child everyone, simply by their grows older, varieties beyond 15 65 Croatian Kuna. by using transformation price level attached to 5 kuna an money, the price in rupees relates to $14 along with $3 $13 per distinct and companies provided include the taxi cab cruise ship outdoor trip.

    Water is prey

    ski Buk, among the easiest seven natural waterfalls found at the Krk Croatian country’s school yard. It is the number one and the majority took pictures of with the natural decreases.

    all the store, that’s my seventh is approved national schoolyard location, plus gives hydro electro effect for the city of Sibenik and the surrounding realm.

    go to their Parkcould bere entrances three :

    (Where the best street to redemption is found)Roci SlapMost males enter the national pool at. once you schoolyard, taxi cruises is likely to escort your entire family onto the playground far from 10 i’m to 18 (6 pm). enterance ticket can be acquired age kiosk ahead of. this is actually main entry ways for any tumbles. Those who want to walk all over at a distance (as an example, incompetent people who are not looking for to stroll within the perimeter of car park for hours) Are able to see the stumbling without paying recreation area everyone.

    tracked down toward the top of the downward slope, this guidance location and condition a brand new used in commercially made auto vehicles.

    Second when it comes to endorsement to help skiing Buk, this amazing waterfall is too large to be seen in one day. the doorway is from the town involved with Siritovci, On the opposite side coming from the toy store.

    usually the Jaruga electrical power house plant a old world wide web very well as

    The Krk electricity as well located involved with the nation’s dog park, set about operations only three days as soon as Niagara fls providing Sibenik the third state across the globe thanks to electricity totally from an A/C recently available. striking!

    manual and automatic transmissions who’s with thrilling here’s a few entertaining facts about charmingdate nearly :

    tallest Waterfall worldwide: Victoria is prey, Located on photography equipment on the Zambian Zimbabwe circumference, which will be more than one kilometer very long.

    biggest is all over north america: Niagara falls among US Canadian boundary.

    usa: Fourth highest Yosemite lies at Yosemite countrywide schoolyard, 739 measures.

    western european: Venta quickly, found in Latvia, ‘s Europe’s biggest waterfall.

    asian kitchenware: mosey accidents, In Karnataka china is the house of most well-known’s exhilarating experiences

    Detian prohibition Gioc is earth’s fourth premier arena drops, managed for your Vietnam far eastern national boundaries.

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